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An organization is as good as its people & to sustain growth with superior ROI & social impact, genius-upskilling’ is needed to transform how people think, relate, interact, innovate & contribute. Both science & timeless cultures’ wisdom prove that genius performance with compassion can be taught & scaled up. After 10+ years of genius upskilling success, Brain&Mind Global is on a mission to boost genius expertise with empathy in lady executives to build role models of crisis-resilient peak performance consistency. Our widely-tested & scientifically acclaimed “Genius Brain & Mindful Mind’ coaching transforms institutions & teams* by combining neuroscience, metaphysics, corporate innovation, people intellect+innate energy+empathy, and yoga+active meditation+remedial astrology. Inez Vermeulen, our genius transformation maverick helps people manifest miracles & abundance with better intellect-health-happiness & work-finesse by:

  • Rewiring, recalibrating & rejuvenating your brain at its core molecular levels to replace anxiety, inconsistency with genius intellect, confidence & empathy.
  • Combining natural skills/learning, acquired learning & soul-driven. ‘
  • Resurrecting innate performance-confidence, people-compassion & goals-clarity to actualise purposeful progress.
  • Helping executives become role models by winning more with less little or no anxieties.
  • Leveraging mind-body-soul synergies to help people be healthy-wealthy-wise’ – quickly & consistently.

Brain & Mind Global is committed to build a genius world with smarter, empathetic people lady executives especially in:

Institutional Clients

Individual Clients

Mind-Body-Soul Synergy Coach

Genius Brain, Mindful Mind Coach & Business Success Expert with a globally proven ‘wow-wins’ methodology. Transforming individuals & institutions by creating happy & healthy winners who think better, win logically-compassionately, feel-heal-live better with scientific breakthrough in genius brain reprogramming, innate empathy-spirituality, remedial astrology, superior soul-energy & brand charisma.

Acclaimed Speciality Lady Leaders’ Transformation

Optimise situations, revitalise brain & prioritise mind power+ actions to revup life & work Lead with innate confidence & professional panache like never before!

“Inez has amazing cross/dept/areas knowledge, keenly results oriented, jelled with the team with decisive (especially for a “consultant”) and highly accountable attitude. Inez is a amazing professional, making things “easier” for management. I would work with her at any given next opportunity and would recommend her with out any reservations.”

Christos Kartalis

Managing Partner at Reindeer Biohealth

Happy Clients

Bringing Mindful Success, Happiness and health to our Clients is our mission.

“Inez delivered employee handbooks for multiple countries in English and also local language. She provided local expertise for those countries and able to answer the multiple questions from the business and employees. Her responsiveness, quality of expertise & knowledge, output on deliverables was excellent therefore have already worked with Inez and further projects and hope to do so in the future again”

Elke Taylor

Senior HRBP at Alteryx

“Inez is my go to person for anything related to employment matters in the Dutch market. She is one of the most talented and efficient HR professional I’ve ever met. This is a great pleasure to work with her. She is a creative problem solver, and trustworthy Advisor. Her recommendations are well thought out and clearly articulated. I give her my highest recommendation, without reservation.”

Melanie Girardin

HR Director ¦ Consultant ¦ Executive and Team coach

RevUp Brain&Mind Intelligently-Soulfully

Smart, empathetic & calm thinking

Unlock & unleash innate talents

Boost brain clarity: detox & de-clutter

Prioritise to rise & actualize goals

Accomplish more, boost fame always

Transform with mindful spirituality

Lead teams, society –better, smarter

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