Here we will discover the best way to conquer anger . Let’s begin!

Conquer Anger With Non-anger

The first step to conquest anger is self-observation. Here you need to:

1. Observe yourself getting angry

2. See that getting angry does not resolve anything and that it is totally ineffective

3. See that angriness results in unhappiness for your self and the other

After an angry outburst, all it takes is a conscious decision to change oneself behavior with positive thoughts. But for many of us, it takes a journey to get to this point.

Denial of Anger

We often fail to control our destructive emotions or re-channel them in a positive direction. This denial has a couple of sources:

1. The need for self defense and self-justification

2. Fixed neuropathways provide us with unconscious excuses

3. Or, we know very well what we are doing and we consciously produce anger emotions

Dealing with Denial Through Mindfulness

It is important that we cultivate the habit of listening to others. When someone tells us that you have been angry, you should train yourself to abandon your pride. You should consider that maybe it did not seem to you, you were angry but if the others are letting you know that you were, perhaps there is some truth in it.

This is the first step in developing mindfulness, awareness of emotions. Slowly you seek to rise from the habit of denial and cultivate mindfulness. You actually become aware of being angry. This awareness is half of the control. Our inner self knows this anger to be undesirable and therefore you should try to re-channel it.

The Web of Anger

Anger is linked to frustrated desire, seeking egotistical power, pride, lack of humility, absence of love. When you have managed the already manifested anger, then you can start on a more subtle expedition. You can learn to observe the potential of anger arousal and through constant self-observation, you can catch the anger while it is hidden in the mind before it might burst out.

Internal Dialogue

To lower your anger, it is important to cultivate an internal mental life. This means that you counsel your own mind as a dear friend and invoke your own intelligence to answer to the arguments and excuses being presented by the mind. Gradually you will be able to convince your mind to change itself, its habits and its acts.

For example when confronting your own anger, you need to ask from which unfulfilled, suppressed desire is this anger arising? When you discover the source of your anger, you will stop blaming other for your own angry state. You realize that the anger is not caused by the immediate persons or events. The anger is present within us and like our genes, the anger is triggered when certain stimuli are presented to us.

It is possible to retrain the mind as well as the neurons in our brain to break this cycle through practices such as meditation and breathing. This will eventually replace our habit patterns, our internal systems and will generate new habits.

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