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Educational institutions as critical society and nation builders are often confronted by unique challenges that are becoming endemic problem creators if not addressed swiftly & effectively. Buffeted by growth aspirations of society and the pain of slow process transformation changes in their own departments these government arms need urgent intervention & continued support.

However the leaders & faculties of these institutions are often unprepared to meet these sudden challenges and also have little or no expert agencies to resolve the growing avalanche of problems. Also, there are no people transformation agencies/experts who have served with government agencies, military & police to fully grasp & tackle the growing menace of unresolved issues that are too big to be swept under the carpet.

Having served her work responsibilities as an education sector innovator and processes reform specialist with aplomb, Inez leverages market proven coaching & people/teams’ transformation success-expertise. Her one-of-kind  unique miracles’ Mind & Brain reprogramming Phonemic Intelligence to deliver & sustain stellar success holistically & consistently. Her coaching clients win more, live better with higher learning & superior performance with  life+leadership revamp up skilling & abundance+peace attraction methodologies. Making Impossible into I-M-Possible with practiced ease & professional-personal finesse is her coaching outcome across all our inescapable aspects – psychological, physical & spiritual dimensions.


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