Conscious Living Coach Overview

Do you know what is Conscious living? If not, then you might need a conscious living coach! Let us understand what is conscious living?

You can practice consciousness in every moment of your life, My right path to consciousness mentioned in this article will change how your mind looks at and interacts with the world. Consciousness means “to attend;” thus, consciousness means giving “attention” to the whole of life.

Developing the Right Path to Conscious Leadership (Best Practices)

I have spent 25 years as a corporate innovator, people transformation innovator-leader, and values-driven resilience expert. Moreover, I’ve globally traveled assimilating diverse spiritual practices (western & oriental).

Divine revelations, the human psyche’s deep domain personal learnings of the transpersonal, and the fusion of the west & oriental spiritual path that I have taken 30+ years has empowered me with unique insights & neuroplasticity + guided meditation practices. 

Transpersonal literally means “going beyond or through the personal.” Self renewal-focused transpersonal practitioners hold a non-dual perspective of reality, meaning that they see life as a web of interconnected and interwoven systems, held together as one body in our consciousness and our cosmos. Our individual health and balance are directly interdependent on the health and balance we find in our societies and in our planet as a whole.

My consciousness upliftment coaching embraces Western scientific thought, as well as spiritual, mystical, meditative, and yogic experiences, culled from my diverse oriental/Asian travels. 

Being a conscious living coach, I am thrilled to share my experience-driven methodology below :

My Consciousness Upliftment Methodology 

Firstly, I being a conscious living coach, provide a short overview of the blind spots of current leadership thinking, following a solution that elaborates on the real purpose of the leadership development journey to make the entire process more meaningful & doable.

Secondly, I share a structured approach for transforming unconscious leadership behavior into seven well-defined conscious leadership practices, which I have consolidated based on diverse leadership success methodologies, my personal spiritual revelations, and ancient and modern teachings.

Finally, I being a conscious living coach, offer insights into the conscious dimension of leadership and how they unlock innate powers & abilities to empower people to actualize their highest potential.  

Conscious Living Breakthroughs

Neuroscience Backed, Time Tested Brain-body-mind Synergies Re-wiring Technique

My western-oriental wisdom blended consciousness to rev up methodology pivots on Phonemic Intelligence (PI). PI is a sound-based mind-changing, life transformation meditative methodology. Above all, it is rigorously tested & proven at the Neuroscience labs of Harvard University & Brain Since International (San Francisco).

Firstly, PI revs up mental, physical wellbeing & reawakens spiritual awareness. Secondly, it is a brain-mind training program to address all the issues from learning to gaining life skills through powerful mind-training techniques. Thirdly, PI activates primary areas of the brain’s neocortex & cerebellum to enhance functions & general intelligence localized in our brains. Fourthly and most importantly, It also boosts specific intelligence associated with key life-activities’ necessities. 

Advantage PI Methodology for Transforming Thoughts, Actions & Wellbeing

To start with, PI is used for enhancing the brain’s power of Understanding, Decision Taking & Focus. Also, it involves optimal brain functioning with coordination of different parts & neurons.

Furthermore, rewiring the brain with directed meditative sounds work on the frontal lobe and ACC to resolve complex decision-making challenges. By focusing on the right & left brain complex along with frontal lobes.

Distractions & wayward thinking are eliminated with guided meditation as bringing the mind to a thoughtless state is impossible (we can’t shut our brain!). We can channel thoughts to improve quality & creativity with guided meditative sounds that energize the left brain & frontal lobes for enhanced success-happiness. 

Harmonizing the Left and the Right Brain

Most people are either left brain or right brain-centered by nature. The dominance of one or the other of brain-hemisphere causes specific problems in one’s psychology-personality.

Right-brained people are more intuitive but lack discrimination. On the other hand, left-brained people are too intellectual & lack intuitive+holistic understanding.

By using mediative sounds people can activate & harmonize their two brains to scale up people’s intellect, intuition & holistic wisdom. 

Evidence-Based BRAINeuroplasticity NeuroCoaching > SUCCExceed with MIND MIRACLES! (Best in Class)

Our Genius Brain and Mindful Mind Group & Individual Programs prioritize your outcomes based on your life necessities & magnify the effectiveness of people by making them recognize their innate genius abilities & life-changing mind-body-soul synergies. 

  • Reprogram brain & life+work attitude to help everyone succeed more with integrity & creativity
  • Better utilize the “soft skills” necessary to create a fulfilling and productive workplace
  • Find greater satisfaction and meaning in their work
  • Boost mental & physical health with bespoke mind-body-soul synergies’ program
  • Resurrecting personal & social brand communications to boost ROI & reputation

Therefore, by analyzing inescapable VUCA adaptive people’s conscious mindset we transform people into compassionate geniuses. We do it with brain reprogramming, mental+physical health rev-up & corporate+social values resurrection.

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