Why Consciousness Awareness for Leaders?

Do you know Conscious awareness? How Consciousness Awareness helps leaders survive in this time of extreme corporate, institutional, and organizational chaos? Let us discuss this in detail. 

We live in a time of extreme corporate, institutional, and organizational chaos, collectively creating results that nobody wants. The organizational climate foundations include strategic long-term clarity, individual and group responsibilities, flexibility, reward structures, entrepreneurial commitment, passion, innovation, and holistic employee wellbeing. All these are focused on short-term economic and financial gains.

Therefore, this environment calls for a new Consciousness Awareness for Leaders. We also need a new collective leadership capacity to meet current global and national challenges more intentionally and purposefully. Additionally, the development of such a capacity, involving the full extent of human potential, would allow us to create a future of greater and more successful possibilities.  

Consciousness Awareness Paradigms

Scharmerin in his book “Social Technology of Presencing” addresses the blind spot of our time and rightfully argues that the cause of our collective failure is that we are blind to the deeper dimensions of leadership and transformational change. This “blind spot” exists, not only in our collective leadership but also in our everyday social interactions. However, we are blind to the source dimension from which effective leadership and social action come into being. 

Scharmer also states that successful leadership depends on the qualities of attention and intention that a leader brings to any situation. Also, two leaders in the same circumstances doing the same thing can bring about completely different outcomes, depending on the inner place from which each leader operates.

The Perennial Psychology of the Bhagavad-Gita, by Swami Rama, offers a profound method for removing all current leadership disorders by leading you to a state of inner composure, from which you can perform actions skillfully and without any negative repercussions for yourself or others. But, to attain this way of being, you must transform yourself through spiritual practice. This practice is truly the only way of knowing, understanding, and analyzing your internal states and your relationship with the external world. 


When leaders develop the capacity to come near to their inner source, they begin to experience a strong, overarching sense of purpose, high energy, self-image, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and inner silence. This experience helps them meet challenges and bring a better future into being. This new conscious leadership capacity can be developed by committing to the journey of developing the seven conscious leadership capacities.

Practicing Consciousness Awareness for Leaders

We know a great deal about what leaders do and how they do it. However, we know very little about the inner place—the source from which they operate. It is this source that we need to explore if we wish to change our organizational environments into better working places and to bring our individual and collective human potential to the next level.


You can practice presence in every moment of your life, simply through practicing mindfulness and meditation. Meditation will change how your mind looks at and interacts with the world. Meditation means “to attend;” thus, meditation means giving “attention” to the whole of life.

To enter the path of consciousness, your thinking patterns must change. Through the practice of specific meditation techniques, your consciousness will emerge from its darkness. Eventually, truth and purity will come forward. The key lies in how deep inside yourself you can go to move from ignorance to intelligence. This new century calls out to new leaders who are willing to learn what it means to create a conscious reality at a soul level. 

Leadership Practices Dedicated to New Social Technologies

First, listen to what life calls you to do. Second, attend with your mind wide open. Third, connect with your heart. Fourth, connect to the deepest source of yourself and will. Fifth, access the power of intention. Additionally, Integrate head, heart, and hand. Lastly, play the macro violin.

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