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The job market has undergone a significant metamorphosis and is consistent changing as both job creators (corporate) & job seekers are adopting newer/more innovative tactics to stay ahead in their respective domains. Freelancing/gig work is an unstoppable phenomena with almost 40% of workforce in many developed nations being freelancers and a growing percentage of them thrive in developing economies too. With a vast majority (70%+) of global businesses being SME (small businesses) who prefer Freelancers to get more specialised work done for less & to minimise their operational risks, Freelancing is becoming more powerful & popular by the day.

As Freelance & job sites mushroom to capitalize on these trends, offering Genius Brain & Mindful Mind coaching (online/anytime-anywhere) can be the brand differentiator that will boost traffic and user affinity. Having transformed global Freelancing and job portals, we know how to grow your business in ways that make you a market pioneer and users darling.

Life & Work Success Genius Coach

Having chartered an exemplary success story spanning 24 years across diverse sectors, varied entrepreneurial & leadership functions, and having helped scores of solopreneurs/freelancers/consultants in different countries-cultures, Inez Vermeulen is your work site growth messiah. She has developed and perfected a unique miracles’ Mind & Brain reprogramming Phonemic Intelligence to deliver & sustain stellar success holistically & consistently. Her coaching programes for your members will help them win more, be more creative-sensible-purposeful, live better with higher learning & superior performance with life+leadership revup upskilling & abundance+peace attraction methodologies. Making Impossible into I-M-Possible with practiced ease & professional-personal finesse is her coaching outcome across all our inescapable aspects – psychological, physical & spiritual dimensions.

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