Who does not need a constructive mindset ? But, by default our mindset is destructive. And, most of the time it’s not intentional it just becomes a habit. But, don’t worry! we got you covered.Here, we will transform your mindset from destructive to constructive mindset.

Why Destructive Mindset?

We perceive what we perceive, and interpret as we do, on the basis of our mental conditioning. The different kind of conditionings are like the colors of a lampshade.

We suffer from a negative mindset because of the way we have been conditioned by

1. Our past life thought tendencies;

2. Our educators or parents;

3. Continuing to condition ourselves.

We cannot blame everything on our past life and on our parents. We all have a freedom of will and can begin to condition ourselves at any time for the better.

This re-conditioning makes the mind-field a clear and pleasant place.

What do I do with my painful thoughts of the past? They either lead me to destructive anger or to depression.

How do I stop them?

You cannot banish one’s thoughts and produce a vacuum. Thoughts are to be replaced by cultivating other thoughts – destructive thoughts with constructive ones, negative ones with corresponding positive ones.

Here are some ideas that you can employ to change from a destructive to constructive mindset through cultivating desirable thoughts.

Design Your Personality

Develop a blue print for life. No architect undertakes to build an edifice without a detailed blueprint and then keeps checking if the construction is going on according to plan. You can do many personality tests to find out more such as MBTI, Enneagram, Strengths Finder.

Learn to Check Against The Master Plan

You can learn to check upon your thoughts, feelings, emotions, words, tones, actions against the ideal one has set for oneself. Each time you fail, try not to condemn yourself. It is like an author refining his book, a painter changing the tone of a color. Life is a story being written and constantly being edited. Edit your thoughts as you edit your book, your painting. Edit your life story with expert refinement.

Select Ideals, Contemplate

Contemplation is the best tool for improving your thought patterns, replacing the dark ones with the bright ones. Contemplation consists of selecting:

1. Idealist and altruistic philosophy and pondering over it

2. Finding argument to refute its opposite

3. Generating logic to support it.

You will arrive at certain conclusions which then serve as guides when you stand at crossroads of life wondering which direction to take. It is important to keep contemplating and to replace negative thoughts.

Mindfulness Follows

Mindfulness is a natural outcome of a contemplation process. It is of two kinds:

1. Mindfulness of your thoughts, words and actions

2. Mindfulness of breathing

The two should be practiced together.

While you are practicing the mindfulness of your thoughts, words and actions, there is a constant awareness of each thought arising ; each word about to be spoken or just uttered in what tone; each action that is large or small.

During This Process You Assess:

1. How close you have been to your ideal;

2. How you can correct any failures;

3. What effect that thought or word or tone has on another person: was it constructive, beneficial, granting peace or was it the opposite;

4. If the opposite occurs, how you can take a positive counter measure to make amends in a way to generate more joy and peace.

While you are practicing mindfulness of breathing, there is a constant awareness of this natural process. After some time of effort, this process will become your natural consciousness.

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