Brain & Mind Global: Resurrecting Mind Miracles & Soul purpose for Holistic Success

RevUp people ROI & Revitalise organization’s Reputation – Extrinsically, Intrinsically, Extensively


Boosting peace & prosperity by transforming people, organizations & communities into empathetic genius performers.


Reprogramming people & organizations to boost genius success with mindful abundance & charismatic impact.

Unlocking Genius Mind Treasures Scientifically + Spiritually & Embedding Mindful Engagement Logic

An organization is as good as its people & to sustain growth with superior ROI & social impact, genius-upskilling’ is needed to transform how people think, relate, interact, innovate & contribute. Both science & timeless cultures’ wisdom prove that genius performance with compassion can be taught & scaled up. After 10+ years of genius upskilling success, Brain&Mind Global is on a mission to boost genius expertise with empathy in lady executives to build role models of crisis-resilient peak performance consistency.. Our widely-tested & scientifically acclaimed “Genius Brain & Mindful Mind’ coaching transforms institutions & teams* by combining neuroscience, metaphysics, corporate innovation, people intellect+innate energy+empathy, and yoga+active meditation+remedial astrology. Inez Vermeulen, our genius transformation maverick helps people manifest miracles & abundance with better intellect-health-happiness & work-finesse by:

Rewiring, recalibrating & rejuvenating your brain at its core molecular levels to replace anxiety, inconsistency with genius intellect, confidence & empathy

Combining natural skills/learning, acquired learning & soul-driven

Resurrecting innate performance-confidence, people-compassion & goals-clarity to actualise purposeful progress

Helping executives become role models by winning more with less little or no anxieties

Leveraging mind-body-soul synergies to help people be healthy-wealthy-wise’ – quickly & consistently

Brain & Mind Global is building a genius world with smarter, empathetic people executives especially in:



With presence across 3 continents of North America, Europe & Asia we have the unique mix of science, spirituality and strategy embedded in our organizational structure to deliver game changing results across diverse people pain points & organizational challenges. Our academically empowered, research endowed & global experience enriched team includes. people transformation experts, inspired coaches, delightful disruption coaches, neuro-scientists, metaphysicists, ascetics/seers, astrology gurus, corporate strategists.

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