Genius Team

Dr. Baskaran Pillai

Chief Scientist , Patron & Mentor

Combining Inherited Intelligence + Acquired/Educative Intelligence + Higher Experiential/Spiritual Learning to transform Individuals & Institutions Globally. Unique Fusion of Neuroscience, Vedic Wisdom, Astrology, Biotechnology, Metaphysics, Ayurveda, Yoga, Energy Healing & Western Spirituality.

Founder of Phonemic Intelligence

Dr. Pillai is an academic scholar, a philanthropist, a global educator, and an international leader dedicated to helping all people reach their highest potential. He has emerged as the most progressive and innovative source of self-advancement knowledge, tools, and practices. Millions of people have already experienced significant improvements in their lives as a result of using his practices. His exemplary scholarly background includes Master’s Degrees in English Literature and Comparative Literature from Madurai University, and a PhD in Religious Studies from the University of Pittsburgh where he was both a teaching fellow in the Department of Religious Studies and the Coordinator of the Indian Studies Program for the Department of International Studies. Get more enriched by visiting his wow work at:

Dr. Inez Vermeulen

Founder – CEO, Chief Coach & Transformation Strategist 

Genius Brain, Mindful Mind Coach & Business Success Expert with a globally proven ‘wow-wins’ methodology. Transforming individuals & institutions by creating happy & healthy winners who think better, win logically-compassionately, feel-heal-live better with scientific breakthrough in genius brain reprogramming, innate empathy-spirituality, remedial astrology, superior soul-energy & brand charisma.

Advantage Inez

A global thought leader passionately delivering on her life mission of building genius professionals & students who win more, live better and heal more with a uniquely re-wired brain, resurrected life approach, reconstructed work & relationships with self, others & world. A unique Mind-Body-Soul Synergies Coach & Business + Life Turnaround Expert with global success credentials spanning 25+years Inez Vermeulen combines the best of science, spirituality, ancient cultural wisdom & everyday disruptive corporate world success necessities to help institutions & individuals overcome everyday challenges, feel + live better and win more like never before. Thanks to her unique Fusion of proven psychological & mental transformation methodologies from top biomedical & neuro scientists combined with top oriental secrets of body wellness, psychic wellbeing , limitless mindpower & healing power of empathy, Inez is able to help people manifest abundance, imbibe innate healing, remove success-obstacles & develop a logical life path of happiness, health & material success that we all are God gifted & equipped to achieve.

A global trackrecord of remarkable successes across geographies, business segments, cultures, professional & individual challenges

With a life mission to positively impact multiple small & big business, their leaders & professionals/individuals, Inez is a widely accredited/certified, uniquely endowed & spiritually-empowered business & leaders success coach, business & HR innovation pioneer-leader. She leverages her professional panache, neuroscience+metaphysics knowledge, acquired vedic wisdom, alternate healing expertise spanning yoga, Ayurveda, remedial astrology & energy healing, multi role & multi geographic business experience to help businesses and individuals mitigate challenges in our Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous world. From businesses looking to start, expand, acquire European operations and to inspire people rewiring brain & reenergizing soul, Inez helps clients with a unique fusion of neuroscience, metaphysics, Vedic wisdom, mystic spirituality to overcome challenges with practised ease. She has been practicing brain transformation meditation since her youthful days and has mastered the art of manifesting & helping others also manifest abundance & material wealth through her career and travels across Europe, US, Canada, South-America, Asia and India.

Anshumali Saxena

Head Strategy, Branding & People Transformation

For 25+years he’s delivered exceptional results in strategy consulting, business & people transformation with breakthrough insights, intuitive mentoring- coaching, purposeful teaching (schools & colleges), creative copywriting & soulful philanthropy. His varied strategy innovations, multichannel marketing-branding-sales (external, internal, partner) & CSR engagements are across varied global geographies & sectors: IT, Telecom, ITES/BPO, Media, education, manufacturing, healthcare, FMCG, eCommerce, military, government & consulting. Leveraging exceptional people skills (thanks to military background), vast techno-commercial capabilities & significant spiritual energy, he continues to transform professionals, leaders, children (school & colleges), and their respective institutions, He excels in delivering persuasive ‘better self & successful professional/leader’ training & has resurrected ed global-national-local L&D frameworks & connecting people to market realities using smart tools & scientific techniques. His successes in global business strategy enhance his coaching as it’s anchored in business & social change necessities with long-term strategy resurrection outcomes. He builds smarter, happier, healthier & more considerate people with a growth intellect, empathetic behaviour, better self-assurance, and superior personal branding abilities leveraging multichannel marketing. His global coaching successes span smart thinking-delivering, purposeful self-actualization, effective stress management, compassionate collaboration, emotional-physical-spiritual wellness, and business + social etiquette. He also takes smart sales skills training – successful selling, cross-selling, up-selling, creative writing, customer delight strategy thinking, induction, and partner employees product sales-trainings.

As an internal branding expert, work culture innovator, and trainer at corporate & professional education institutions (Engineering & MBA), he delivers on his edu-innovation & employability passion by empowering people with essential ‘better self & smart winning skills He engages, implements, mentors authorities to intelligently transform their entire edu-ecosystem with bespoke program/curriculum innovation, staff mentoring, marketing consulting, focused mind-body-soul-work wellness programs. At different global training organizations like NIIT, he has been trained to develop coaching programs aligned to overall business growth strategy and essential social value norms.

As a functional sales and marketing leader, he consistently coaches and mentors teams, leaders & partners in the entire sales process of cold calling, prospect engagement, e-conversations, key accounts management (mining cross-sell/up-sell opportunities), smart Web 2.0 business/markets prospecting approaches and targeted brand & product marketing. As a visiting faculty at premier Business schools, he is a marketing & global business environment faculty, curriculum advisor, popular life-skills trainer, and teachers’ & executives (MDP) trainer. At schools, he takes teacher training programs & transforms children with career-life path transformation & better behavior sessions. He also delivers online web2.0 marketing lectures and courseware deliverables for overseas students/clients. Meditation-driven & yoga-enhanced personal aura, persuasive training/teaching expertise, vast functional knowledge, updated success-skills & an adaptive approach make Anshumali a charismatic professional delivering better results faster.

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