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Unlock brain’s unlimited competencies, wow-creativity, enhance empathy with better fitness, stress & anxiety control to boost ‘purposeful-peak-performance’ & ROI 2.0 or returns on inspiration & innovation

Sector-Education Segment-Schools: People Transformed-School students & their social ecosystem -parents, teachers, society


While children are society’s future and potential game-changers for families & educational institutions, little is done to transform them into genius creative performers that they are born to be with limitless-joyous capabilities. Parents, educators, businesses & governments need to join hands to harness their boundary-less potential to be wow intellectuals & great creative performers and not just rote learners. And a genius child can lift his family and society from obscurity, poverty to global acclaim, however we need to invest in them from an early age to transform their future and those connected with them. Its time we treated school years as life’s most important future success milestones to boost a child’s cognition, positive passion, emotional strength, psycho-physical wellness & compassion. Leveraging 30 years of fusion neuroscience-biomedical-metaphysics research & combining vedic wisdom perfected over thousands of years, PI techniques scientifically boost cognition, objectives’ clarity, creativity & empathy making children respectful, empathetic geniuses they deserve to be.

Challenges-present day & future

Schools operate like factories with a mass-education approach with the same syllabus & education offerings for every child, despite being impacted differently by their varied genetic capabilities, family upbringing & innate desires/creativity. Even though we understand that a child needs to have bespoke freedom to grow, flower & discover their own genius abilities & creative diversities, they are forced to conform rather than perform in ways that make them cheerful, successful & soulful. Children and their evangelists- teachers, parents, business, and society, need to invest in systems that enable children to fully exploit their boundless capacities & effectively channelise thoughts & aspirations productively-respectfully. We need to guide them into genius thinking-thriving ways, become more creative & compassionate to feel happier, connect better & deliver superior outcomes forever as true game changers they were born to be.

Edu-commensense ignored!

Brain competency is a prerequisite for learning and comprehension, yet learning comprehension is completely ignored by today’s educational model, globally. The curriculum is extensive & well prepared however we’ve failed to address children’s problems related to the brain’s cognition capabilities to grasp each discipline differently. Math has drastically changed over the past 50 years, but do we know that math intelligence is localized in our brain’s intraparietal sulcus region?! It’s critical to activate this area to improve math intellect & logical thinking/ interests. Similarly, we need to target these brain sections to improve key capabilities:


Broca and Wernicke area



Cognition and decision making

Orbital prefrontal cortex

Social behaviour/leadership

Lateral prefrontal cortex

Error detection

Anterior cingulate cortex

Intellect & Logic

Intellect & Logic

Creativity, arts, music, spatial intelligence

Right brain

Genius Brain Mindful Living Breakthrough Solution

We all need to leverage God’s most powerful child transformation ‘gift’, his/her brain, and thinking patterns. We need to train children to take control of their lives and boost the brain’s ability to transform the way they think, relate, create & plan their lives and help those who they care about. Children need to be trained compassionately, to activate their different brain areas to empower them to comprehend, master different disciplines, and unleash their untapped potentials fully-creatively. Another inspirational change delivered by this cognition-meditation-transformation is changing unruly behavior with greater self-discipline, emotional control & people-compassion. This further enhances overall learning outcomes, empowering children to better appreciate the criticality of living, thriving in a civilized, disciplined & empathetic manner. PI enhances the anterior cingulate cortex to intelligently transform aggressive behavioral delinquency into genius intellect made better with superior compassion.

Game-changing Global Success

After extensive neuroscience & biomedical research at Harvard Medical School, Brain Science International San Francisco & rigorous testing in North America & Asian schools cognition, innovation & social compassion techniques for children have been delivering exceptional results. Pathbreaking PI intelligence & behavioural transformation initiatives have for 10+ years transformed thousands of students, teachers & the social ecosystem (families, friends etc) across schools in the USA, Mexico & India.

Mind Miracles Unleashed

PI-Phonemic Intelligence is a 7- minute intelligence enhancing meditative technique that’s easy to use with simple instructions for even the most distracted & playful child. Using ancient Vedic techniques now scientifically researched & enhanced by renowned neuroscientists; selected phonemic sounds accompanied by simplified meditation are used to activate critical brain-parts for improved learning. creativity & empathy. This innovative breakthrough is delivering significant benefits with improved:

Cognitive abilities

Scholastic results

Classroom & social discipline + behaviour

Character development

Lab-tested & global proven PI methodology allows our meditatively spoken phonemes to energize & activate specific areas of our active brain and the subconscious mind – connected to different cognitive & physical actions. Our brain has many parts each specializing in one type of intelligence predominantly. The science of PI uses specific phonemes to create specific intelligence outcomes to unlock special skills connected to key regions of our brain. Directed Phonemes attached to specific sounds stimulate neuronal activity, triggering beneficial biomedical reactions that strengthen the brain, revitalize creativity & boost clarity + empathy towards self, society & surroundings. PI techniques increase connectivity, and by the mechanism of neuroplasticity create new neural pathways, enhancing intellect, innovation, anger-anxiety management & social behaviors. Through the use of pre-linguistic phonemes, the brain develops non-linear, non-linguistic forms of thought – enhancing intuition, innovation & positive/beneficial action with greater compassion.

Advantage Schools, children, parents- miraculous transformation pathbreaking value creation

School children in hundreds of schools in the US, Mexico & India – from poor & rich backgrounds alike, greatly improved test scores, developed superior creative abilities, unleashed their own (limitless) capabilities & enthusiastically participated in philanthropy. This enhanced self-assurance-confidence, intellect, compassion, respect & success-passion. From irritable, unsocial delinquency & dropouts to reformed brilliance and participation in innovative CSR projects viz. caring for abandoned elders, the children & their school authorities have discovered newer ways to ideate, score more, deliver smarter, peak perform higher, and love-care better! Children, parents, teachers, society, and different state authorities are wholeheartedly embracing this delightful-purposeful life-changing technique that’s simple, smart & game-changing – lifelong.

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