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To be a successful leader, it is so important to develop a strong mind field that will guide you through your desires, practical life, relationships and emotions.

How Are Our Minds Formed & What Is Their Origin?

At first the parents, immediate family and other determine the composition of the minds but later through life. We ourselves are choosing the constituents of our mind from moment to moment. Our attitudes, temperaments, inclinations, habit patterns, addictions, mental engagements are all set this way; some being weakened by the various choices we make, others being strengthened.

Whatever we fill our minds with that is what we become. These determine our successes and failures in profession and private life, our social skills or not so pleasant communications skills. Everything depends on how we constantly constitute and re-constitute our minds from moment to moment.

Our happiness or suffering, success or failure are created not by others but by our own doings.

We should not say that our parents have developed our minds for us and that is why we are unhappy, unsuccessful. You are free to constitute your own mind field. Freedom means freedom from our psychological patterns by the application of the resources of your will.

No one listens to me – if this is what many hear from you frequently, it would be good to learn to tune your mind to a state whereby others are looking to hear your tone of voice. Choose what you wish to be and start working on that state of being by cultivating the thoughts which are conducive to your becoming that you wish to be. If you wish to be perceived a certain way by others, let that kind of fragrance in words, tones, body language, manner of presence exude from you.


What we are primarily?

Or, what our mind is?

Or, What do you wish to be?

Cultivate that being by cultivating that kind of mind. Have you been ignored? Disliked? Opposed? Become one such that no one can ever again ignore you, dislike you or to oppose you.

How Do You Do This?

Select the thoughts that are conducive to cultivating that kind of personality for you. Think those kind of thoughts repeatedly and in time without any effort on your part, others will say she/he has changed, has mellowed, has become so likable, lovable, so inspiring, such a great leader.

During my coaching & training sessions, I hear leaders say: Oh he/she will never change. My question always is: would you change? You should take the initiative: the thought tendencies you wish to imprint on yourself are of your choice. The kind of personality you wish for is yours to choose.

At brain mind leadership we will provide you with a toolkit to develop your mind field towards becoming an extraordinary leader.

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