In today’s lifestyle where we are working under professional & emotional pressure. Hence, we tend to disregard our mental & physical well-being. Mindfulness is a practice that enables us to stabilize our thoughts & emotions so that we become more aware & be at present. In this piece, we are going to learn in detail Various Methods of Practicing Mindfulness that are not only effective but easy to implement. These methods of practicing mindfulness are really easy if applied especially with the help of a professional. 

Let’s Begin!

Consistency is The Key

Like any new important life activity, mindfulness requires patience & regular practice. Mindfulness’ consistent practice empowers you with acceptance & awareness of your thoughts. Just like when preparing for a marathon race you don’t start with its 27-mile run practice. Even, with mindfulness’ practice, its build-up is gradual & calibrated. Start with small steps forward, slowly ramping up willpower, stamina & discipline. 

We need to appreciate the life transformation benefits of mindfulness. Hence need to cultivate a daily habit of practicing mindfulness with unflinching dedication. Simply be more aware of your daily occurrences without getting stressed about them or altering your life patterns drastically.

Maximize Life Benefits With These Methods of Practicing Mindfulness

Start with appreciating life around you & its gifts e.g. your physical senses’ sensations. For instance, the smell, taste & texture of your food. While you may have taken stock of your food earlier, by mindfully appreciating food. Consciously by cleansing distracting thoughts, you will scale up the food-eating experience considerably. Alternatively, go for a walk & appreciate birds & all the wonders of mother nature around you as her blessings.

What are the bird’s vibrant colours?

What’s the bird’s chirping to people?

Is there a babbling stream nearby or a garden being watered with its plants smiling on getting water nourished?

Blank out the traffic & people noises’ cacophony, and instead notice your footsteps, your breath. Mindfully notice all things around you take mental notes and then experience soul & moods’ upliftment! You could even join a form meditation class where you’ll learn to block out mind distractions to mindfully focus on the moment.

You can do this to your own convince at any place you are comfortable with. And, by taking the help of an experienced guided meditation coach you can not only detox accumulated issues but also learn a path to a better more mindfully pleasant & successful life that you could pass onto your family, friends & work colleagues.

Practicing Mindfulness Daily

It pays to practice mindfulness daily with optimism & in a proper manner as it’s for our life transformation. Begin by being attentive to life occurrences like eating (food’s texture, taste, aroma), walking & other stimuli around you e.g. birds, dogs, plants around you without overdoing it or dramatically disrupting your daily routine.

While meditating choose an object to direct your attention e.g. your breathing. And when you find your mind getting distracted, gently-mindfully refocus it again on your chosen item e.g. on your breath.

Mindful meditation, especially when done under expert guidance, empowers you to mindfully focus your thoughts on an object/event that’s dominating your surrounding like your breathing, walking. You achieve this by centering your attention on any life event:

Do you have any significant event or opportunity impacting your living or thinking?

It could be a tragedy or even a victorious moment. While you could detox yourself to understand the larger picture to prevent you from slipping into tragic depression, you can get energetic by your victory. Hence, practicing mindfulness enables you to experience present moment’s occurrences with empathy & positivity.

You can also experience this in a meditation retreat. Want to see how? we got you covered!

Mindfully RevUp at a Meditation Retreat

A meditation retreat gives you the unique opportunity to soak in undiluted 100% mindfulness. Booking a slot at these retreats on different life occasions enables you to formally embrace many benefits of mindfulness. Like, sitting, walking, breathing, eating: peacefully-mindfully-attentively. With little or no interpersonal interaction allowed in such retreats, you practice and benefit in mindful silence & soulful awareness-observance.

You do your daily activities like:

  • Eating
  • Bathing 
  • Other life chores

 in absolute meditative silence at the retreat, This allows you to experience & practice mindfulness in its totality.

Silence and mindfully focusing on present activity teach you to be fully present in that particular life event/activity. We should all take out time to mindfully train our brains to silence the storms and distractions in our minds and mindfully appreciate life’s many gifts – being able to breathe, eat food, etc.

It’s high time we stop negative thoughts bogging us down like comparison with others, future-daydreaming/worrying. Start living more in the present.! Logging into a meditation retreat empowers you to gain more awareness into meditative insights on how you can mindfully transform your life for long-term benefits for yourself and the people that engage with you.

Do you need professional help with these Methods of Practicing Mindfulness? Knockdown myths about Mindfulness. Also, know the difference between mind restlessness and Mindfulness. 

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