Mind and Personality Overview

Personality means what kind of mind-energy field one has. While, a refined and purified mind is virtuous, calm, and harmonious. Whereas, a passionate mind is full of activity and movement. And, a lazy mind is ignorant and inert.

Path Towards a Purified Mind and Personality

The path toward a purified mind and personality is comprised of recognizing and giving way to our natural urges such as:

  • To love
  • To give
  • To share
  • To sacrifice oneself for others
  • To create a bonding with others
  • To exercise control over one’s senses and desires
  • To forgive
  • To be patient
  • To avoid defending oneself
  • To search within for intuitive knowledge
  • To encourage and help others to develop all of the above

We see proof of these natural urges within ourselves in our daily desires, actions, and interactions. When one has slept, one knows it. Or, when we are in love, we know it. Moreover, we know it when we are at peace and have happiness or satisfaction.  Whatever the hypothalamus, amygdala or the endorphins tell us has been picked up by them from our state of mind. How deep, or how lasting the love, peace, happiness, and satisfaction are depends on our will, and our decision.

Blissful State of Mind

When we act from the above-defined strengths of the mind, when we give way to the above natural urges listed above, and many more, it is when we feel we have loved or we are at peace, happy, and satisfied. Only our minds know when we have had this level of true pleasure.

Why do we see so much in human history and contemporary life that is much contrary to these?

Two answers to the argument are:

  1. When we permit the dominance of too much movement, too much passion, too much inertia over calmness and harmony within ourselves, it is right at this moment that the negative and destructive thought patterns become manifest.
  2. The opposites of the above-stated strengths and natural urges are actually unnatural to us that their manifestations render us so unhappy. Like the stain on a clean sheet, we are trying to wash off these manifestations to restore the dominance of our true nature. We are constantly trying to reassert our natural urges against the unnatural ones.

Why are these negative thought patterns so dominant in our world?

Our answer is that there is still more love in the world than hate, more peace than strife. A company that is letting go thousands of workers comes in the news, but a million other companies which are doing well is normal, therefore is no news. We notice the dark spots because they do not fit within our true nature.

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