Do you know what is the difference between Mindfulness and Mind-restlessness? No, we got your back! In this piece, we will take you through Mindfulness vs Mind-restlessness.

Mindfulness vs Mind-restlessness Overview


 “Paying attention to something, in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally.” ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn, 2003.

  • Paying attention” in this sense means paying attention to certain things you are surrounded with at or in the present place and time.
  • On Purpose” means you intentionally decide to pay attention to something specific. 
  • In the Present Moment” means you focus on the here and now and get rid of any thoughts from the past or future. 
  • Being “non-judgmental” means you are not going to compare, judge, or be critical of yourself or what arises while paying attention.

With help of a conscious living coach, you will develop your own sense and personal understanding of what Mindfulness means to you. Moreover, Mindfulness is about dismissing your distracting thoughts. Also, It is learning how to incorporate meditation as a tool to assist you while practicing your Mindfulness with the help of a conscious living coach. 

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Mind Restlessness, Distraction & Their Challenges

Our Mind is our Life’s control switch and our mind is also one of the most fragile parts of our body. Whether it’s our emotions, thoughts, environment, or even the behaviour of people around us.

Our mind is easily distracted and often gets restless, bringing down even the strongest of people. While the mind’s control is well within our reach, yet often we fail to control or regulate our thoughts. Mind restlessness’ distractions often lead to negativity and multiple confusions or even delusions. Hence, it causes catastrophic results, especially when confronted with crisis situations.

Mind restlessness can even have a negative ripple effect on people around us as leaders with restless minds. This can demotivate teams or lead them to disastrous results as they fail to make the right decisions at the right moment. In fact, it’s our mindset that determines ‘skills-aptitude’ & ‘reputation-altitude’.

The human world thus pivots on Mind Mastry and our ability to consistently manifest abundance with better wellness, awareness & mental peace is all in our Minds! It does need superhuman effort to discipline & leverage this very human fragility of our life & lives of our connections! 

Why Mindfulness Is an Everyday Necessity?

When you begin practicing Mindfulness, know that you are not doing a total “brain dump” but directing yourself to focus your attention on a chosen target. Moreover, by focusing on a target, you can bring yourself back into focus whenever your mind wanders.

No one is perfect, and with all the thoughts that our brain produces each day, it is normal to have moments where you can’t help but have your mind leave the present. The goal is to keep your focus and only notice the distractions and your emotions as they creep their way into your Mindfulness session.   Make note of any stray thoughts or emotions that arose during your session. For example, “Were there any physical sensations you might have felt? “

How to Become Mindful? 

If you truly want to practice Mindfulness and incorporate it into your daily routine, you have to be willing to become “in tune” with your intuitions and inner wisdom.  You already experience being in tune when you get the butterflies in your stomach or the “gut” instincts you feel from time to time.

So, how can we become even more in tune with our body and mind using Mindfulness? 

Just know that your intuition is something that feeds you information on a regular basis throughout the day and all throughout your life.

What is intuition? 

Intuition seems to defy logic or any normal process of reasoning or previous knowledge.  You usually have feelings of intuition at a moment’s notice.  Intuitions come to us in all forms:  feelings, warnings or danger, a dream. In order to deal with these intuitions, you have to make a conscious decision to focus on them when they happen.  Clear your mind and try to answer the questions your mind is coming up with.  Look for signs.  Meditate on it to get a clearer understanding. 

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Conscious Living Coach for the Rescue!

Most neuroscientists opine that we humans use only 10% of our brain capacity. However, with guided meditation & its neuroplasticity benefits, we can continue to expand our brain capacity & intuitive creativity – lifelong.

Our body & brain both get better the more we exercise them with guided meditation at any age. Our brains become firstly more responsive. Secondly, more intelligent. Thirdly, more creative & lastly resilient with regular meditative exercises done under an expert Conscious Living Coach. This imparts superior control over mind functions which improves every aspect of our lives like:





Happiness & Resilience

By enhancing mind-body-soul synergies & mind-control discipline we unlock untold life treasures. We only need to open our minds & hearts for this wow change to manifest the abundance that the universe showers on us all – daily! 

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