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Seniors living residential businesses are always seeking to improve the mental, physical & spiritual state of life of their inmates. With the number of seniors growing exponentially, this business segment is on the cusp of great growth. After having done extensive research in transforming seniors lives at our own homes and at business client places, we are disrupting this market for the better. Passionate about society being able to leverage the huge knowledge & competence wealth of seniors lying idle at different seniors’ living homes, we have devised specialised Genius Brain & Mindful Mind programmes that boost mental health, innate confidence & relationships-happiness.

All these positive outcomes makes the life of inmates more purposeful-adorable-healthy and boost brand affinity+equity of the seniors living solutions provider. Our coaching programs & business transformation consulting will boost brand differentiation, ROI and referrals as our coaching & consulting interventions will transform the business in multiple wow-ways.

Unique Business Positioning with innovative, world’s first ‘Old World-New Age’ culture/traditions’ offerings & facilities focusing on leveraging  four  “W-opportunities” to build & sustain unique seniors living ecosystem where life flourishes as well nourishes for both inmates as well as society:


Sharpening brains on inmates, boosting self-confidence, banishing dementia, enhancing immune system /awareness & making their lives more fulfilling:

  • Connecting members to part-time/remote working / mentoring / counselling opportunities.
  • Starting a unique ‘back-to-school’ program by enrolling these seniors into university/professional courses of their choice to enhance their skills/knowledge to enable them to get more rewarding re-employment opportunities (there are many part-time, remote work jobs available).
  • Launching & nurturing a special seniors’ job opportunities job site with experts mentoring them to create persuasive profiles, self-pitches, and personal branding to help seniors scale up their branding & work styles.


Growing wealth with smart wealth management & agile spend management advisory by leveraging wealth management expertise of personal bankers and smart tools/techniques of  expense governance software tools /services e.g intuit.


Focus on wholesome living with rewarding wisdom/professional exposure enhancement opportunities to banish dementia, loneliness/self-pity. Introducing regular adventure excursion/trips,  creating exercise/fitness program mates through custom yoga sessions, mid control based diseases healing/energy enhancing. Also boost social wellness engagements by inviting celebrities & youth  to participate in exercise camps.


Helping you to reach out to potential donors to adding varied seniors’ engagement activities as part of their corporate CSR/philanthropic activities to boost self-esteem and ‘innate goodness from good deeds’. Also inviting corporate, colleges & schools to ‘lend’ their people to share quality time with seniors in innovatively designed society-engagement programs that are invigorating & uplifting to everybody.

Background-In ancient times, kings & notable people abdicated their thrones/vocations and retreated to tranquil living as monks or missionaries. However, on a need basis, these family elders were also consulted on tricky issues’ resolution.

Life & Work Success Genius Coach

Having chartered an exemplary success story spanning 24 years across diverse sectors, varied entrepreneurial & leadership functions, and having transformed scores of seniors (including her own 82 years old mother and aged mother in law )in different countries-cultures, Inez Vermeulen is your business growth messiah. She has developed and perfected a unique miracles’ Mind & Brain reprogramming Phonemic Intelligence to deliver & sustain stellar success holistically & consistently. Her business consulting will transfgrm your seniors living business holistically-purposefully-profitably. And her inmates’ coaching programmes for your members will help them win more, be more creative-sensible-purposeful, live better with higher learning & superior performance with life+leadership revup upskilling & abundance+peace attraction methodologies. Making Impossible into I-M-Possible with practiced ease & professional-personal finesse is her coaching outcome across all our inescapable aspects – psychological, physical & spiritual dimensions.

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