Brain Plasticity and Brain Waves Induced by Sound Meditation Methodology

About The Human Brain  

The human brain is a complex, self-regulating system. In response to the changes in our environment, our brains construct new pathways and reconstruct old ones. In other words, the human brain is neuroplastic throughout your whole life. We can think of the brain, the nervous system, and the conscious mind as partners able to capitalize on changes in the environment. 

Wave Patterns Through Sound Meditation Methodology

Research has demonstrated that the brain generates different wave patterns when using sound meditation methodology. Scientists have identified the following brain wave patterns:

  • Beta pattern: ( 13-100+ Hertz ) this is the common pattern of normal waking consciousness and is associated with alertness, concentration, and focus. We now also understand that higher-end beta waves ( 30 Hz ) and higher occur during times of anxiety. This higher-end beta is also associated with ‘fight or flight response’.
  • Alpha pattern: ( 8-12.9 Hertz ) occurs when closing your eyes and relaxing. While the beta is part of fight and flight, alfa waves create what Dr. Herbert Benson of the Harvard Medical School termed the relaxation response. In this state, we turn inward for introspection, learning, relaxation, renewal, and meditation.
  • Theta pattern: ( 4-7.9 Hertz ) is the pattern of rapid eye movement ( REM ) dreaming sleep, associated with enhanced creativity, memory, healing, and very deep meditation. Many psychologists believe the theta state is the doorway to the unconscious mind.
  • Delta pattern: ( 0.1-3.9 Hertz ) is associated with dreamless sleep and many autonomic nervous system functions. A great feeling of unity and oneness is experienced and at the same time it is also possible to be alert in this state. Carl G. Jung said that in delta we make contact with the ‘collective unconscious.

In our brain mind leadership programs, the sound meditation methodology will gradually take you from the higher levels of Alpha, down through Alpha, then through Theta, and finally into Delta.

Brain Mind Leadership Program

When we enter the alpha and theta brain waves during sleep we scan data stored in the unconscious parts of our mind and rearrange and process it. This scanning and processing we call dreaming. As we move into the alpha and theta states, we become more aware of the unconscious parts of the mind. This means that old, inappropriate feelings and behaviors that run on the automatic pilot are accessible in theta, allowing these to change to something more positive. Finally, in the delta state, we access areas of the mind where the highest knowledge to be a human are stored.

The sound meditation methodology we use in our brain-mind leadership courses are able to induce certain brain wave states. We can put you into an alpha brain wave pattern and you will experience increased learning ability, focus, and concentration. We can put you in a theta state and you will become more creative.

One of our goals in the Brain Mind Leadership Programs is to create plasticity, resiliency and flexibility in the brain so a person can enter whatever state or combinations of states so they are able to accomplish their desires.

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