What could be the signs and symptoms by which we identify a person who has a weak or a strong mind? Let’s understand the strengths and weaknesses of the mind below- 

Weak mind Strong Mind
Hard, lacks resilience and compassion Resilient, compassionate
Egotistical Humble
Contradictory Consistent, harmonious
Looking an opposition Helping with resolution
Speaks and writes from the I Avoids personal pronouns I
Feeling others are resisting, refusing him/her Has strong faith in other’s positive reaction
Remembers past harms and hurts Forgets past harms and hurts
Forgets the good and kind acts of others Remembers the good and kind acts of others
Defends his/her position Defends his/her opponents’ position
Forgets due to lack of interest and emotional turmoil Remembers what interests others and the emotional fog does not obscure his/her recall mechanisms
Justifies his/her acts Apologizes
Criticizes others Does not critizise
Gets tensed and stressed Is relaxed
Resists others Meets no resistance
Hurt by the anger of others Seeks to remedy the pain of others
Sees the fault of others Sees its faults
Is easily fatigued Regenerates quickly
Makes the body illness into a mind condition Introduces the mind’s healing into the body
Seeks others to be responsible for him/her and then resents them Takes responsibility for others without feeling burdened
Follows set patterns Invents
Lethargic and complacent Takes initiative
Suspicious Trusts
Struggles to accomplish an objective Does without doing by his/her presence
Cannot taste the fullness of any experience and therefore his/her craving is never satiated Being well centred, tastes and experiences everything in fullness, enjoys more or less, and is contented
Self-centered, seeking his pleasure Seeks fulfilment of others
Reacts to small things Ignores small things
Has a small horizon Has a large horizon
Sees only parts Carries the vision of a complete whole
Finds it difficult to learn new things Opens up to all sciences
Lives in fear Grants reassurance
Suffers from inferiority Has an internal self-assurance
Full of inner conflicts Flows in harmony
Demands Gives
Feels insulted Gives honour
Speaks loudly Speaks from within  a depth of interior silence
Overindulges, overeats, over possesses Under-indulges, under-possesses
Cannot concentrate on any effort and wanders Concentrated, well centred in life
Has unstable relationships Has stable relationships  

The Strengths and Weaknesses of mind table is an indicative list to assess whether we are of weak mind or of strong mind, whether our mind-field is energized or only partly if feebly so. However, feeble minds may be made into strong minds guided by these indicators.

Brain Mind Leadership Program Benefits 

A weakened mind may be made stronger through the application of the Brain Mind leadership principles and technology:

  • Self- experimentation in mental, vocal, and physical behavior
  • Self- observation
  • Concentration
  • Meditation

A weakness is a weakening of some strength. With the help of our Brain-mind Leadership Programs, we seek to find the strength of which a particular weakness is weakening.

When you increase your strength, the weakness will gradually disappear.

The totality of this re-strengthening is obtained through our sound-guided meditations. Want to explore more? Click to read about Mind and Personality. Drop us an email at: info@brainmindglobal.com. Explore our tailored programs at:https://brainmindglobal.com/programs/