With mindfulness gaining tremendous limelight these days why are there lots of people still not following it? It’s because of so many misconceptions (myths) about mindfulness. In this piece, we are first going to learn briefly about what is mindfulness, then gradually knock down the Top 5 Myths About Mindfulness.  

Mindfulness Practice Boosts Happiness, Wellness & Success

Developing & sustaining mindfulness needs, patience & practice. We often go through our lives so mechanically that we’re pleasantly surprised when we mindfully observe and appreciate its treasures. Mindfulness of the current life situation averts recalling past events or trying to pre-empt the future. So, what are you waiting for? Be mindfully aware of the present through deliberate brain re-wiring with guided meditation!

Bursting Top 5 Myths About Mindfulness

Meditation suffers from many misplaced myths, especially in western culture. Eliminate these top 5 myths about mindfulness to live better & win more:

Myth 1: Being Emotionless

By practicing mindfulness people realize that they aren’t getting rid of their thoughts & emotions. However, you become more aware of your mindset.

In tough times, it’s easy to slide into negative mind-restlessness. Whereas, by becoming vividly aware of your emotions, you thereby enhance the ability to take logical actions.

To begin with, becoming mindful improves your mental state. Secondly, overcomes negative defensiveness. Thirdly detoxes harmful reactions like over-eating. Hence, mindfulness empowers you with superior thoughts’ control, situational awareness & positivity. 

Myth 2: Mind Cleansing

With mindfulness practice, you train your mind to be consistently aware of its myriad actions. Moreover, by being mindfully aware of a situation & in control of ongoing moments’ thoughts, you aren’t emptying your mind, but consciously training it to boost its diverse outcomes. 

Myth 3: Being Blissful

We all would love to live a life of utopian bliss, by being in a heightened spiritual state of mind (we aren’t talking about God like spirituality). We can experience this state, but we shouldn’t allow ourselves to negatively view others’ struggles. while meditating many people often get agitated by mind distractions. These can be overcome with mindful meditation & embracing pleasant mind-states without unrealistically clinging to blissful utopias or getting worked up attempting to eliminate negative thoughts. 

Myth 4: Becoming a Spiritual Recluse

Practicing mindfulness doesn’t transform you into a monk, nun, or a cave-dwelling hermit. You continue to enjoy life by being more aware of different life moments and their significance simply by being mindfully attentive to present-day situations.   

 Myth 5: Pain Management

Mindful meditation doesn’t eliminate the pain but helps you manage it more stoically. Physical and emotional pain are an integral part of everyone’s life albeit with varying levels of intensity.

With regular mindful meditation practice, you’ll boost innate confidence to better endure and manage different types of pains & life challenges.

Painful emotions are different from the suffering these cause and hence to minimize their sufferings we need to stop resisting pain, unnecessarily avoiding or protesting against it. You need to mindfully accept pain with its compassionate moment-to-moment understanding & acceptance.

Are you suffering from these myths about mindfulness? We got you covered! Connect with us. Learn Different Methods of Mindfulness. And, Know the Difference Between Mindfulness and Mindrestlessness.

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