Inez’s Lifelong Mission: Bring HoPE – Heaven On Planet Earth

Tripura Foundation

Inez soulfully supports the education of severely impoverished children and elderly from the rural Indian community in Coimbatore, India.

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HoPE Centers Empower Poor Children: HoPE Transforms Lives

Hope Centers are after-school centers where the children are provided with Phonemic Intelligence, a nutritious mini-meal, yoga, personal transformation lessons, love and support for a Hope filled future and a new positive identity. It is not just the children who transform; they bring their knowledge to the village and transform the community.

Brain Changing Education

Phonemic intelligence is a 7-minute intelligence enhancing technique that uses selected phonemes to activate the brain. It activates the primary learning centres of the brain. The PI Program addresses the student’s cognitive, emotional, and behavioural makeup of the student’s brain and improves student brain functionality which is a key factor in student performance.

Results of brain changing education

improve the classroom behaviour and overall positive school environment.

strengthen character, enhance compassion and empathy in students.

enhance self-confidence and self-esteem.

enhance cognitive abilities and help students learn with meaning, interest, and focus.

help students understand and learn subjects like Math and English.

Elderly Support

Elderly people need to work simply to survive until the day they die. 75% of the elderly population in India are from a marginalized class of society. Most end up in absolute destitution in the last years of their lives when they have neither the capacity nor ability to work. They lack any kind of safety net by way of family or community support system.

Inez supports a small colony of elderly and handicapped at Nilgiris.