At what level of Conscious Leadership do you exist? Do you know how to transform from an Unconscious Leader to Conscious Leader

Which level do you find dominating your thoughts and feelings in your everyday leadership style?

We need to ask a question to ourselves as we embark on a journey of self-discovery & self-renewal with inner re-engineering. In this article let’s transform you from an Unconscious Leader To Conscious Leader!

Remember that every thought, belief,  feeling, and action you do, have roots in your level of consciousness. When you shift your level of consciousness, you also change your worldview and your mentality. Here’s how you grow from an Unconscious Leader to a Conscious Leader who is cooperative, compassionate, and intuitive.

A True Conscious Leader

A true conscious leader has the capacity to be genuinely kind, compassionate, and concerned with the wellbeing of his people. The most effective skill, however, is being able to think, talk, and act in an impersonal way. That is, totally liberated from the praise and blame of others. Hence, you will lead by intuition and become a creative problem solver, with all of your focus and attention on your vision. 

The capacity to let go of the “voice of judgment” is key to moving away from your psychological conditionings and reactive attitudes towards true observation. A humble and self-disciplined attitude is the way to true success and responsible leadership. Therefore, the way to get your job done as a leader is to convince people to stop reacting and start acting. 

Self-Observation to Transform Unconscious Leader To a Conscious Leader

In our daily experiences as leaders, we carry a level of subliminal stress that depletes our energy and leads to both restlessness and fatigue. Regular meditation practice can help to release that tension and bring us to a state that is both energized and relaxed. There are a variety of approaches to the practice of meditation, depending on your personal needs and interests. However, it is important to remember that meditation is all about the practitioner. That is, the more self-conscious of your actual condition you become, the better you can adapt your practice to the needs of your system. 

The starting point in any process of self-observation is increased self-awareness. Therefore, the tools of meditation practice must serve as a means for facilitating both our self-understanding and our self-transformation. 

Many of us work in environments full of emotions like-

  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Stress

How can we rise above such negatively conditioned leadership environments?

The answer lies in understanding the true nature of our personal and collective environmental conditioning. Rather, becoming caught in the negative, unconscious stream of personal and collective inner voices. 

Inner Re-engineering, Enhanced Awareness, Transformative Self Renewal

Tibetan Yoga

In the Tibetan Yogas of Body, Speech, and Mind, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche teaches us that the key is to learn to observe directly. With an open awareness, the objects are created by our egotistic imagination. Direct self-observation of these objects through meditation will help us in realization. Realization of our negative leadership experiences which are created by our own minds.

Moreover, becoming aware of our issues is a starting point to resolving our problems. Once you learn to connect with your inner stillness, through relaxing and energizing exercises, you will not find any solid problem object. instead, the problem is the mind that sees a problem in the first place.

Self Awareness

Direct self-observation will help you loosen the energy inside your body. Your mind will become clearer. The experience of this relaxation into spaciousness, silence, stillness or inner bliss will help you recognize a new awareness, a new energy field. 

One should not project negative thoughts, actions, and feelings onto other leaders and employees. Instead, one must hold the space of self-observation in silence, in order to start to project inner joy inside your leadership qualities. Moreover,when you directly observe the observer—the mind that is looking at it—you will see a vast space instead of a solid ego or identity. After a time of practicing the space of self-observation through guided meditation, you will become aware of your awareness. Eventually, you will rest in that union, becoming fully aware of your non-dual, inseparable state and fully present in that space, that stillness, and that awareness of awareness.

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