Do you know What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is a process of liberation wherein you don’t allow any kind of suffering to bog you down. Mindfulness detangles you from all the life experiences that are causing you pain and misery. It transforms you and changes your life’s trajectory for good.

Have you ever had thoughts like:

Why do I not feel good?”

What should I do to feel good?” 

Can somebody prescribe me medicines to heal?” 

Is there any medicine to my internal sufferings?”

We are constantly looking out for solutions for our sufferings. Nobody wants to be on pills forever! Everybody wants to have real solutions and not quick fixes for their problems. Mindfulness is the real and permanent solution to all your problems.

When Should You Seek Help?

Life will never happen 100% the way you want it to happen. It will always throw challenges at you. 

There is a longing in every human being to experience a dimension that is larger than himself. If he doesn’t feel this longing throughout his life then this longing will certainly arise at the moment of disease and death.

Your life can never be perfect materialistically, losses are inevitable. In such situations, whether you become wounded or wise, the choice is yours!

Mindfulness Since When?

The origin of Mindfulness is an ancient concept of over 5000 years. The tools of mindfulness can’t be altered and the practice would lose its essence if it is changed even to the slightest degree. 

Moreover, It is beyond physical dimensions and hence it comes from within. Hence, if you practice mindfulness daily, you can change your body’s chemistry and figure out how to handle your basic faculties like mind and body. 

“Mindfulness is a journey of exploring a dimension which is beyond physicality. It has the power to heal you from every loss! “


What Can Mindfulness Bring to You?

As you practice mindfulness, Firstly, you become more aware of your surroundings and yourself. Secondly, you don’t allow external factors and planetary changes to affect you. Thirdly, you gain mastery over your body and mind. Fourthly, you make your body and mind work for you rather than work against you. Most importantly, you distance yourself from mental, emotional, and external suffering.

How much attention span you hold is determined by how much ease you have within yourself in your body and mind. If you are entangled in your mind’s creation and are not attentive you can never enjoy the universe’s vast and intricate creations. You may even miss life happening around you!

To conclude, mindfulness increases your attention span, awareness, and memory.

How do you do this?

When you close your eyes (while practicing mindfulness), the world and its problems disappear and hence all your problem in the materialistic world tends to fade away.   

As you pay attention to your breath, you distance yourself from your body and mind. You realize that “You are not your body and not even your mind“. Hence you don’t get entangled in your psychological drama and attain peace.  Through mindfulness, you re-wire your brain so that it doesn’t act as an impediment in your life. It’s scientifically proven that your body and mind can remember every physical trauma and mental trauma that you have experienced.

If you suffer from mental stress like anxiety, depression, and overthinking then your brain just recycles these negative thoughts again and again (since the brain has its memory). Mindfulness just rewires your brain and changes your body’s chemistry to achieve blissfulness and peace. When you practice mindfulness, you make new patterns and memory of blissfulness in your mind and body and demolish the old negative patterns. Once you are blissful, being loving and joyful will be a natural phenomenon.

However, mindfulness is not a magic pill that can give an instant solution to all your problems. It must be practiced daily with a commitment to reap the benefits. Are you ready to practice it with us? Know the difference between Mindfulness and Mindrestlessness. Start your Mindfulness Journey Now!  Burst Myths about Consciousness.

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