Have you ever thought about why there are so many leaders at the same level but have different potential and achievements? Yes, then this piece will answer your question! Let’s understand Who is a Conscious Leader

Introspecting The Leader Within You

Does it boost your ego to think that others look up to you, awaiting your decisions?

Do you enjoy knowing that your subordinates will carry out your commands on any occasion?

If this is the case, you will accomplish little through others. You will continuously make negative remarks about your subordinates. The worst part is that your subordinates will also feel discouraged and moan constantly about their grievances. Whether real or imaginary because you have never shared with them your vision. When you do not inspire people to make a difference and give of themselves, your people will automatically fall into self-centered behaviours.

 “What is in it for me?”

This question drives our behaviours. It is exactly this egocentricity that cuts people off from true success, creativity, and fulfillment.

Problems With The Current Organizational Setup

I have seen great organizations lose their successful collective soul spirit due to the egocentric behaviours of their newly appointed leadership. In our current global organizational and economic evolution. There is, indeed, a tendency to appoint leaders who think that they should lead through processes, procedures, and policies that safeguard the bottom line and the shareholder dollar value.

After the first business cycle, the damage has usually become magnificently clear on many levels. The magnetism of the best teams has dissipated; the high-potential talents refuse to work under the direction of a leader lacking in spirit, eventually leaving a huge organizational gap; and other, less courageous people remain in an unhealthy environment, with the result being a worsened bottom line. 

Conscious Leadership-The Ultimate Solution

First, processes. Second, policies. Lastly, procedures are no substitute for the conscious leadership needed to grow and expand a business. 

Conscious leadership means establishing and leading a culture in which people can think, speak, and act expansively. It is through this conscious leadership that you can develop your business and your people to their highest potential. 

The foundational capacity for conscious leadership is

  1. self-examination
  2. Listening to others
  3. Listening to oneself, and what emerges from the collective leading field. 

Effective listening requires the creation of a mental attitude that leaves space open for others to contribute to the whole. Additionally, as an ancient saying reveals, “In the happiness of his subordinate, is the happiness of the leader.”

Conscious Leader

Many organizations experience negative consciousness levels because they constantly react to their circumstances with worry, fear, doubt, anger, and guilt. To make matters worse, these thoughts are, indeed, contagious. When even a few people in an organization have negative feelings, they can spread like a virus. “Group thinks” sets in, and the negative thoughts become group “fact.”

Once this occurs, a company can implode in a swirl of gossip, negativity, conflict, and contempt. Remember that “group thinks” begins with “leader think.” At its core, an organization strongly reflects how its leader thinks, feels, and acts. Purposeful, authentic leaders can motivate and inspire both themselves and others to do extraordinary things. They can create change in all levels of their organizations.  

The most successful organizations have plenty of powerful, positive leaders—and this means everyone in the organization, not just the “ones at the top.” No matter how effective or ineffective you currently are in your role, you can transform yourself, your colleagues, and your organization into a thriving, inspired, positive, productive, and successful entity. Thus begins your journey to Conscious Leadership. 

Energy Within a Conscious Leader

The flow of energy of conscious leaders is focused outward from their inner self-sources and is therefore expansive in thought, speech, and action. If this flow of energy were focused inward upon the ego, the respective leader or person would think, talk, and act in a contracted way. If you concentrate too much on the “I”—the great CEO, VP, director, manager, parent, doctor, or teacher—your success will become blocked by the ego. On the other hand, if your energy flows from the inside out, your success will be assured. 

The better you can direct your mental capacity towards the vision that needs to be accomplished, the greater the success will be

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