In this world full of chaos and competition let’s understand why a conscious living coach is important?

What is Conscious Living?

Necessity is blind until it becomes conscious, freedom is the consciousness of necessity- Karl Marx

Consciousness is the ability to be aware of yourself. That is difficult to reach, but not impossible. However, training requires time, encouragement, and patience. But, it is possible to observe yourself consciously. We are all aware of the behaviour of others. But, we rarely notice our behaviour because it is so difficult to see our behaviour. It is not the same as how the outside world perceives us, how we think we behave outwards, and who we are. Conscious living is firstly, how you perceive things around you and react to them. Secondly, how you respond to a particular stimulus.Lastly, how efficient you are in that specific decision-making phase.

Why Do You Need A Conscious Living Coach?

A consciousness living coach is someone who can see/read your unconscious thoughts and actions and mirror them to you so that you can see them as well. When this happens, awareness is introduced, allowing you to make “conscious” choices from that location. Here’s how to do this regularly. But,this is almost impossible without first-hand experience or someone in front of you guiding you to the steps and encouraging you to continue.

Agents of Change

At the most basic level, coaches are transformative agents in all areas of life, including carriers, relationships, health, and spirituality. Moreover, they compassionately nurture the client’s divinity through coaching relationships and help guide the client through the four stages of change.

  1. Dissolving– Resolve old unproductive habits and behaviours that cause the loss of old identities.
  2. Imagination– Imagine a new life and visualize specific details of the world they want to live in. 
  3. Reform– Implementation of new ideas to fill the identity gap. Time for trial and error to find strategies that lead to positive results. 
  4. Full Flight– After eliminating old identities and introducing new identities, reformed ideas into new patterns, new identities will stabilize.

Though, it is essential to recognize that the coach does not force the client or tell you what needs change. The guiding principle of coaching is that the client is an expert in their life. Additionally, Coaches are partners, encouragements, and spiritual friends who move you towards your goals and Dharma.

Learnings From a Conscious Living Coach

The coach is required to teach us Five Core Coaching Skills

  1. Presence-Simply the ability to be free from judgment. This allows you to deploy your session in your way. Coaches have the space to keep their clients genuine, vulnerable, and open to the transformation process.
  2. Reflection– Coaches help clients see themselves as anyone else. The reflex of the soul allows the client to see himself ultimately.
  3. Questions– Coaches ask powerful questions to help clients utilize their souls, awaken to higher levels of consciousness, and explore the unconscious. 
  4. Listening- Mindful Listening is a superpower that enables coaches to recognize subtle energy changes, reveal hidden clues and coachable moments, and better serve clients as they grow.
  5. Relationships– Unlike other relationships, coaching is primarily a two-way path in client service. Switching between coach and teacher roles, the coach follows the voluntary flow of the session to determine the best way to assist the client.

My Life Transformation Mission


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